Last year, Toye announced its full-year results on April Now if Regional Trends is right, the south east English enjoy the higher standard of living. Hender- son’s other two trusts in the area, Japan Special Situations and Pacific Smaller Compa- nies, will continue as before. Their babies are more likely to be born healthy and each working person has fewer peo- ple to support The Germans will suffer inevitably far more car crashes, and win be nearly twice as likely to be working in factories those nasty, noisy places , some- thing the English gave np years ago. The UK government is about to award the Bowman communications contract for the British army, which would be profitable to Racal later this decade; and Che group has won some exciting orders in its avi- onics division to put tele- phones in aircraft What is most encouraging for share ho ld e rs Is that Racal has started to squeeze large quantities of cash out of what was a fairly relaxed organisa- tion before demerger.

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At my own table, Thaddeus is Norwe- gian and somewhat short on light humour. Not so long ago, Mr Zhao’s entre- preneurial activities would have been scorned and his material suc- cess held as a black mark against him.

She was designing in a tradition going back to the 18th century, fab- rics from which inspired some of her flower-sprig prints. This morning, dressed in oar bathrobes and heading in opposite directions to and from the shower car, a rather large woman and I almost foiled to negotiate the narrow corridor of carriage No 4. This wfEL con- sist of three trusts. An easy enough cover.


The new Cinquecento looks not unlike a scaled down Fiat Uno. He says he likes Somerset, to which he moved incheered all the way by his Somerset-bom wife. The two US companies, which have both restructured in the last 12 months and are toe main com- petitors of Rolls-Royce, have tra- ditionally competed fiercely in the commercial and military engine markets.

Pages Juveniles face publicity: The market tended to treat them phlegmatically because those results were not much worse than had been expected, and because they could be seen as exaggerated by the FRS3 acc ounting standard.

It cannot have been coinci- dental that the next Lions tour, to South Africa in In other words, the neko of consumer demand and the economy is hurting Apple, just as it is 3M. Others still can be shady bowers bedecked and embellished with climbing flowers.

The per capita income works out at around four times the national average, although the many stern signs around the gn warning against tax evasion suggest that material success has not made people any more willing to share their spoils with the state. They are instinctively defensive players and prefer to play a tight restricting game.

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Even if Taylor does not know what his best attack is, common sense suggests he should stick with one combina- tion. At present, 9342 expenses incurred “wholly, necessarily and exclusively” for the pur- poses of a trade can in principle qualify for relief.

Discover Western Crete from safccatering ullage houses. There one hears the heartbeat of history; Yorkshire might achieve that, bat in the hands of Whitehall it becomes Yorkshire and Humberside.

They come in two shapes and sizes – round 3 metres in diameter and rectangular 2 m by 3 m and both cost the yyn. He also asked winger Lee Sharpe, in his first full England game, to play in a defensive role.


In the short run, reported earnings could con- tinue to deteriorate. Is it possible that there are hidden passions and secrets here? This means that the low- paid scheme member ends up with a combined state and occupational pension higher than his or her final salary.

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All expansion facilities are provided by …. Hie fabric is a ;c marine dralom, scotch-guarded and flame-proof, and comes in dark green, burgundy or cream. Global Technol- ogy and Veko of Funds, are not changing. Since most of them were female, the court stated that the company had discrimi- nated indirectly against women. This year the rival associations have cooper- ated to produce a useful leaflet setting out the times and loca- tions, with an accompanying map nf central frfinrinn and.

Page 3 Nigeria election pledge: He brought back Gary Pallister after more than a year to partner Tony Adams for the first time, moved Des Walker to a position he dislikes and paired Sheringham and Ferdinand for the first time.

If, say, you had been injured in the Florence car bombing last month, some insurers would have paid up. Tut Fax: How might it happen? Wat- sons, the actuarial firm, says that a man aged 40 has a 1: