Tyler 10 years ago. I will be buying one as soon as they hit the golf shops. Looks more attractive than the FT-i in my opinion. Well if you win this one I think you might like it. Have shot par a few times but need a straighter drive to gain a few strokes. I believe that I should win the new Callaway driver because I am 51 yrs.

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This is the most scientifically advanced driver to ever be mamfactured and it is going to change the way we look at drivers if not golf alltogether. In conclusion, I think that you should consider giving me the new Callaway ft iq tour FT-iq. Second, golf is my favorite sport.

Cover and tool not available. Thanks, hope I win!! Yes we have heard that f a couple of different readers. I love all the articles you guys write some really cool stuff. I love Callaway clubs and I really do callaway ft iq tour a driver since school has started and I have no way of making money anymore. BradG February 4, – 1: I am a great golfplayer from Sweden.

Unless I win one I will wait until I do see test results. Also, my parents have been very good to me in this cqllaway year. I have to say, this Driver does “exactly what it says on the Tin” I tried this callaway ft iq tour at my local Pro shop and callaway ft iq tour various shafts, courtesy of the iMix trolley where you just screw the heads and shafts together.


Callaway FT-IQ Driver Contest

Mygolfspy help me make the ball fly. While it retains its cc volume, the club head is much less square than its predecessor in appearance.

Dave S December 15, — 1: I think I should win the new FT so I can finally have a new toy! Till Next Time Josh B. Garrett 10 toour ago. I wish we could have grabbed one with a Callaway ft iq tour but we could grb one with those specs. Jamie Eckert 10 years ago. Thank god you guys put this back up I tried to get in the other callaqay and it was down. I always wanted to get the opportunity own a new hi-tech driver compared to my old kids clubs, and I think that this is my chance. Shark 10 years ago.

callaway ft iq tour

Callaway FT IQ Review

Marvin Davis 10 years ago. Dintz 9 years ago. Tyler 10 years ago.

Erik 10 years ago. I think that i should get the new Callaway driver because i have been very fascinated with golf and i play once or twice a week on this really cheap course with my dads really old hand me down clubs. callaway ft iq tour


The worst callaway ft iq tour was hitting 11 of them. I dont know if you will win but hellova nice thing callaeay do for the son.

I just can say that all of us try to get better in life in all aspects, even in golf!! First of all great site!

Today’s Golfer

Hello, i have a non profit org for the troops and, I would use it in our tourr groups. I have to try one of these now. Stacy 10 years ago. I have worked very hard to achieve this and I think that I deserve the very best technology out there so I can get my index down callaway ft iq tour lower.