Posted Nov 23, 7: For outputs, the unit can output audio through a dedicated HDMI 1. As time progressed, the public beta of the DVDO Edge involved biweekly updates that often resolved issues and pushed the product further. The idea of line doubling — duplicating the number of lines to avoid the empty spaces between the scan lines became the first consumer video processing technique available. Post a Comment Alert Moderator.

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Since the remote will edye used so often, having a good one is crucial. The unit appears as a portable storage or thumbdrive and you can just remove the old firmware and put in a new one.

This function prevents the incoming frame rate from being altered—if 24fps comes in, 24fps goes out. While this seems to be only a difference in terminology, this is one of the first video processor products that is oriented towards the mass consumer market, and should really adopt those terms. Using the same source, we watched a DVD in p – first letting the player do the deinterlacing, and then adding PReP.

The front HDMI connection is neat, but I was expecting it to click open, but it requires a thumbnail to be used to pull it out.

Another hidden feature is a set of test patterns. It has two HDMI outputs: All comments should remain on topic.


The firmware update is one of the easiest I have seen to date. Every source uab hiked up couple of notches. This generator could be used with the included DVD to calibrate your system very easily.

As time progressed, the public beta of the DVDO Edge involved biweekly updates that often resolved issues and pushed the product further.

DVDO Edge High-definition Video Processor

One of the downsides of applying image processing is that it takes time. GoldenEar Technology Triton One. Real Sounds And Frequency Composition: The Edge can output in p, p, i or p, each at various frame rates. Both algorithms can introduce halos and add ringing to objects, but in small quantities, these can also counteract the softening effect of the mosquito algorithm and improve the details.

DVDO Edge High-definition Video Processor | eBay

You often get about different tweaks for audio, but you hardly ever see an AVR that has aspect ratio control, one of the simplest things to implement in a video processor.

The wdge logic applies to those with p projectors using lower resolution sources. It will not be shown to other site viewers.

These include IRE brightness patterns, color bars, and full-field color patterns for adjusting the CMS color-management system in displays that provide one. DVDO Edge, the same program with similar motion no visible combing or stairstepping. The Edge can perform a very clean up-conversion of these lower resolution sources, extending the life of your DVD collection.


Of course, edgr new H compression reduces these effects and can bypass some of these artifacts given enough bandwidth and time to do minor block corrections, but those of us who need these channels are stuck with blocks. It also has presets for several 4: You can’t make the picture smaller. It’s better at upscaling than any player I’ve had on the market including Oppo Limitations Limited user-definable output resolutions.

It does have some limitations, such uwb a smaller selection of output resolutions and output connections.

DVDO Edge Video Processor User Interface | Sound & Vision

However, the DVDO Edge is revolutionary in another aspect — it also has shifted dramatically the pricing of video processors. This is nitpicking on my part, I think the menus are great and quite usable as they are, but they can be further improved.

Post a Comment Alert Moderator. Sennheiser HD Headphones Review. Log in or register to post comments. The main problem with de-interlacers was that they were a costly proposition. Note that the remote uses infrared, so if you have a device like the Dvdi 3 which uses bluetooth for its sdge control, the Edge remote cannot control it.