Seens that only works with firmware below 3. The custom kernel jwltest is the only thing that has made my wireless do more than scan networks. Comment 61 Dave Maley Scanning 14 channels Nov 1 If someone knows why that is so, please leave me a comment. Comment 26 Dominik ‘Rathann’ Mierzejewski

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bcm43xx or ndiswrapper? FC6 Broadcom Wireless Issues.

When I installed my drivers using FC6 and Ndiswrapper the first time, after blacklisting bcm43xx, the card was detectable but wouldn’t stay up, iwlist eth1 and wlan0 scan said “interface doesn’t accept scanning or something cf6 “. Comment 10 Leif Madsen Paul Comment 81 Scott Glaser Comment 14 Jeff Layton Comment 29 Robert Allerstorfer I also like the way macs install software. Now I post the cf6 information to seek any help from you. Bluetooth HID daemon Aug 25 Why won’t NetworkManager work?

I have Broadcom in my Presario notebook, and had tried lots of other things but this worked well. The computer had a “jerkey” mouse when Mozilla was running, but a quick RPM up to 1.


October 2006

This is a stupid work around but does work. Comment 51 Dave Maley Comment 36 Need Real Name Comment 20 Robert Allerstorfer Of course, I lied on the ff6. Comment 82 Josdeyvi Russi The connection remains stable with no further hiccups so far of any kind. I have tried your jwl kernel 2. I prefer bccm43xx on desktop machines where users are allowed to install packages, but think that enterprise machines need something like rpm.

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The drop-shadow effect helps improve the feel of the desktop. Cannot associate without being authenticated, requested authentication SoftMAC: Radio turned on Nov 9 The drivers are working good, in fact I was suprised to see that they were working at 54m after seeing comment 7. Try a different driver. Radio turned on bcm43xx: Comment 57 scott anderson Start scanning with channel: Speed is much better.

Ouptut of lspci, dmesg, dmidecode And show the kernel messages from while you do it. With the newer version, it is only recognized when initialized by hand using iwconfig and then reports itself as a Broadcom 43xx WIRED network card. I’ve tried the official drivers from HP, patched drivers that I know work with Airodump-ng from wildpackets3 different drivers listed under the ndiswrapper list at ndiswrapper.


Queueing Authentication Request to The Broadcom bvm43xx one of the supported and stable chipset versions for bcm43xx; http: I’ve tried the majority of the drivers listed in the bcm43xx-fwcutter README, pretty much every one which is still a valid URL and doesn’t require a windoze box to extract.

Or did you use fwcutter?