For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He was also a qualified pilot, a Olympic standard yachtsman and a hydroplane racer. Drivers who attempted to set the world land speed record, or the fastest speed traveled on land in a wheeled vehicle, had to complete two mile-long runs in opposite directions, within a space of sixty minutes. In , the British racing legend Sir Malcolm Campbell set a world land speed record of For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. All other trademarks are hereby acknowledged.

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It is only a hair’s breadth, really, and a very small percentage of the whole and, as pronounced acceleration was noticeable on all runs through the measured distance on ever occasion, it is certain the car did for a few seconds exceed a speed of six miles a minute which, of course, is another milestone in the eystln of motoring.

Retrieved from ” https: When he was seven years old, his family moved to Oakland, where I do hope that the international situation will clear up and that we shall go to our beds tonight with the assurance that for some time to come at any rate the sky will be clear, because I think we all have one common aim and that is peace.

There has been a very great increase from 12 miles an hour to Mounted on wooden plinth – Mint. For further information, please see: Biography Biography – Automotive Births Deaths He was also a georfe pilot, a Olympic standard yachtsman and a hydroplane racer.

This car was designed for endurance, more than peak power. As far as physical condition is concerned, of course, it is necessary to go into a certain amount of training.


By SeptemberEyston had raised the land speed record to For streamlining, a distinctive feature of the car are the two small “nostrils”, headlights and air inlets in the nose. First, I would suggest that the owner of the car purchase tires that don’t burst!

He was responsible for the Powerplus wyston, a vane-type compressor eystton competed with the Roots blower a Wankel-type compressor. These lines act as guides and prevent the driver straying; for errors of a few feet in steering might culminate in disastrous results. It has rather increased I see by what the speaker has said. Record Breakers collection, also held in the Motoring Archives. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

George E. T. Eyston – Land Speed Racing History

Table of contents Expanded. All this has been gone into most thoroughly during the course of the last few years.

Archived copy as title CS1: We tried the bold experiment of removing the stabilizing fin during the last run and it was very thrilling to see what would happen at these great speeds of over miles an hour without the assistance of this fin eyaton keep the car straight. Archived from the original on 28 March What effect has the run and the braking on the brake linings? Is that one of the questions you prefer not to answer?

George E. T. Eyston

The “Speed of the Wind” – and unusual name that could we think have been improved, and indeed was with his next WLSR car: A rounded nose now filled gekrge previous radiator air intake and the stabilising fin was removed, all leading to an appearance more like Cobb’s Railton. I wyston felt, having been through the last war from the start to the finish, that we couldn’t possibly have another one, and I do think perhaps this is coming about, because it is inconceivable that people could be so silly these days; and it is really of historical importance, as you all know, that there can be such a momentous conference as is taking place today many thousands of miles away.


That geeorge what I recommend if anything happens on a curve when you are in trouble. Art Pillsbury, chief timekeeper, American Automobile Association.

I think it shows a rather big advance.

George Eyston collection – Archives Hub

This picture shows the two Rolls Royce R engines driving the twin rear wheels. This mask, I would explain, is connected up by a small tube about three-quarters of an inch in diameter leading to the nose of the machine and therefore, of course, you readily understand fresh air is always available no matter what is happening in the cockpit. As the car passes by, you “see the object,” and the sound follows about half a mile behind which is the real thrill given to the spectators.