This is a CCD-based scanner, which accounts for some of the unit’s Photoshop Elements is included in the bundle. Besides facilitating scanning 8×10 film, which I suspect few but myself and some other old-timers have, the glass carrier is useful for proofing a whole roll of film 6x7cm format being the usual exception, because arranging 10 frames within 8×10″ always leaves one out. About the only detraction I can think of is that the Scanmaker Pro is about the largest and heaviest scanner in its class I have worked with, so it does demand a generous space on a sturdy desk. It is a fast-running scanner for its class using the FireWire interface.

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The interface is basically the same, but the design is slicker and requires less setup configuration. Like many OS X utilities and applications I have used, there is still a need for more refinement. Scamnaker scanned a substantial number of black and white silver-based film images. I found this to be the case.

Microtek ScanMaker – for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

What Are the 3 Best Lenses for Boudoir Regardless of whether the original was a little off in exposure, had a color cast, or was a difficult subject for reasons of contrast or color content, I was able to make a very acceptable scan at worst and an excellent one at best without any disappointment in the post-scan print test image.

The trays can hold 35mm film strips, mounted 35mm slides and 4 by 5in. Caribou – Denali, Alaska. The use of trays to hold transparencies means that there’s no glass present between the scanning element and the film where dust could gather. A solid 2-in-1 detachable with excellent connectivity. This is a simple-to-use application that provides limited image adjustment, and can save images in a number of formats. This is a much friendlier and more effective graphic interface for the tool.


Of course, I included slides, color negatives, and black and white film representing just about every film format there is with the exception of my panoramic 6x12cm images, which are not supported by the SnapTrans holders included.

Microtek ScanMaker 8700

A good part of my test scans were made from transparencies of various size and film type, as well as a wide range of image subjects. Several transparency trays are provided with the ScanMakerwhich allow the scanning of slides and negatives. Here Are scanmaksr Easy Adobe Photoshop LE is supplied with the ScanMakerallowing you to edit the images you’ve scanned. To assist with this and the scanning of thick books, the ScanMaker ‘s lid features a hinge that allows it to lift up to two centimetres from the scanner base, and can detach completely if necessary.

Theoretically, as there are no glass surfaces involved, the Scanmaker Pro film scans should be sharper and crisper by avoiding refractions created by glass surfaces. Whitetail in the Snow.

You may unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time. Otherwise the system is efficient and effective, resulting in scans that are generally cleaner than those made with conventional flat-bed scanners. And, the software bundle is topped off with Genuine Fractals Print Pro so you can make poster-size or even larger prints from your scans.

Color negative scanning has been more of a challenge, in part because the negative provides no reference to how the image should look, but also because scanner software developers had given the tools needed less consideration than those for transparency scanning.


The z size which is part of the standard package is 6x9cm. All of the other dimensions of quality were consistently good and very competitive in its price class. Brooks, All Rights Reserved. A notch above expectation. Christmas Is Arriving Fast squint to see the bike in the window. The dual-bed design providing glassless film carriers excepting 8×10 is an advantage anyone who has done wet darkroom enlarging will appreciate.

This isn’t a cheap scanner, and the faster interface isn’t necessarily going to make a vast difference to your overall productivity, so think carefully buying the ScanMaker I chose to run the scanner using the FireWire connection but also tried it with USB, which was just as satisfactory but with slower scan image data transfer.

Create new account Request new password. Consistent with my experience with 8700 scanner I have tested or used for which LaserSoft provided SilverFast support, the Scanmaker Pro ran smoother and faster with it. It doesn’t provide any advanced features such as column recognition or suspect word detection, so if you want to do anything other than trivial OCR, you’ll have to buy more capable package like TextBridge or OmniPage.