The notable additions include the USB 2. Let’s start with Sandra first off: This is an optional feature and one we were very glad to see MSI had included on the board. Analysing the layout I always like to take a look at the layout of the motherboards that pass through my system. So what can we draw from the following numbers? Here are the official specifications. It just seems that something in the configuration is holding the board back.

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K7T Pro2-A Usb ?

Sandra Memory Benchmark 9 x Sandra Memory Bandwidth Benchmark 9 x So there we have them, the numbers most people will be looking for. MSI were kind enough to courier me their latest, not-even-on-the-website, motherboard for review, the K7T Pro2.

It’s essentially the same chip design as the KT, but with a much improved memory controller. However, I’ve had nothing but problems with the onboard sound driver under Windows XP. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. KT has been soundly trounced by AMD in the performance stakes.

Help Installing USB Controllers For MSI K7T Pro 2 – Ars Technica OpenForum

Leave front case witing until later after youve got the brackets working properly If you follow these guidelines and still cannot get the devices recognized then you may need to take your computer to a local shop that deals with MSI and have it tested.

But what do we get over the KT? I have literally tried everything.


With 3DMark testing overall CPU, memory and graphics performance and Sandra providing the synthetic numbers, we have pretty much all bases covered. A closer inspection of the CPU socket reveals something a bit more disturbing. There are also USB 2.

Help Installing USB Controllers For MSI K7T266 Pro 2

Does not this setting cover every option? Considering this, here’s the formal spec for the chipset. However they ARE quicker j7t266 that’s what we are expecting. The normal part of NJ Registered: Having written this, I need to ask whether there is a reason on why I need USB 2 when the motherboard does not seem to support this option, as Labtech1 indicates?

Firstly, the extra memory bandwidth provided by the KTA isn’t mightily impressive on this review sample. Introduction MSI were kind enough to courier me their latest, not-even-on-the-website, motherboard for review, the K7T Pro2.

POV-Ray streams plenty of data from main memory to mzi CPU and back to perform its intensive calculations required to render our test scene. I guess this thread is filled with ppro2 great deal of confusion for which I very well may be the source.

Applications that shift a lot of data between main memory usg the CPU will be the obvious benefactors with the KTA. Now I am left wondering what exactly is this item under Other Devices? This is the first motherboard directly supporting USB 2.

All in all, not a hugely compelling upgrade over current AMD DDR solutions, but the speed increases are there to be pro22 if you can take advantage of them. Privacy policy and Terms of Use.


VIA KT266A Initial Roundup – October 2001

Jun 20, Posts: All in all it’s a good layout with only the RAID connector orientation being the problem for me. So how do we find the MSI as a whole? It’s a nice looking touch, but won’t please the overclockers looking to the K7T Pro2 as their next choice.

So what of this new chipset? Why is it that MSI cannot provide a CD with their motherboards, or updates through their website that does not require having to use Windows Update for this specific added functionality? It was among the slowest chipsets around and it had one glaring problem – when the bus speed exceeded MHz, USB devices stopped working. Analysing the layout I always like to take a pto2 at the proo2 of the motherboards that pass through my system.

There is a USB folder on the CD and have pointed directly to this location when trying to install the driver from Device Manager, upadate driver option. There are also 8 USB ports.