However, this fault should not be present to begin with in a notebook in such a price range. While the widescreen The Portege R comes in two virtually identical configurations: For more information about the keyboard or the touchpad, you can read further here. The Kensington lock is next to the hinge of the display.

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Despite appearing fragile, the case stability is good. It toshiba r500 performs any other laptop I have tried for gaming, and the transportable design and incredible display also make it ideal for work.

Toshiba Portege R Ultraportable First Thoughts Review (Video)

Only, the proud price tag attached to the laptop, of about ,- Euro tosbiba recommended retail toshiba r500 from the Toshiba homepage in Germanmars the otherwise very sturdy and mobile impression exuded by the subnotebook. I need power and lots of it. Sign up to gain exclusive access toshiba r500 email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more.

The solid state drive is in general not shock sensible. Likewise the playing of a DVD toshiba r500 the now integrated optical drive with maximum brightness was completely satisfactory. The only material tosuiba for the case, toshiba r500 is on the one had a cover, and on toshiba r500 other hand stabilizes the notebook, is magnesium.

Toshiba’s security assistant makes it possible to set a number of passwords BIOS, Festplatteto activate the TPM chip, or to set up authentication and sign in via cellular called ‘Wireless Key Logon’.


Toshiba Portege R500 (PPR50A-07S05C)

Like in the previous model, a fingerprint reader is used here to secure the f500 on the laptop. By using our website, you are agreeing to the toshiba r500 of Cookies. Partly the keyboard toshiba r500 a little bit under pressure, but, so little, that it does not cause problems. So, the R is ready for extensive typing.

Portégé R – Toshiba

Testing the Macbook Air, which sets new toshiba r500 regarding design and workmanship, in parallel, also increased our expectations. Just the operating temperature of the laptop has i ncreased noticeablybut that is just probably due to the new optical drive.

It’s easy to hit all keys without troubles from the very beginning. While browsing the web continuously using the wireless and keeping the screen at the brightest setting the battery lasted almost four hours before the low battery warning popped up on the desktop. The standard amount of abuse that toshiba r500 notebooks endure with ease would result in a broken R Although the low weight of only toshiba r500 lets this notebook appaer to be fragile, the stability of the case is in general alright.

So, it is especially advantageous in bright environments, e. The keyboard layout follows the usual standard. View of screen tilted back about 15 degrees. Toshiba r500 keyboard convinced by a good key sizea clear keyboard layout, and user-friendly typing. Toshiba r500 LED backlight can also be activated by a hot key.

Unfortunately, this Toshiab display cannot tosniba regarding viewing angles. Even the now i ntegrated optical drive with a height of 7 millimeters scores plus points for the R Smoothly functioning parts and a compact case make the R a player of the top leagues.


Start lifting up the laptop base from the left side. If toshiba r500 use the notebook in a mobile way only g for the power supplywhich is about half the weight of the total notebook, have to be added. STEP 5 The connector unlocked. Once toshiba r500 volume toshiba r500 is, typical Toshiba, user-friendly realized by a turn-switch at the left side near the front.

The R is equipped with a transreflective LED display, which utilizes the brightness of the environment. Likewise, although the R is a full-featured notebook in toshiba r500 respects, the low-voltage processor and only 1GB of Toshiba r500 running Vista make the R noticeably slower than other notebooks in the same class.

The best results can be observed directly at the vertical axis.

It would be advisable to use a separate protective cover for this, which is unfortunately not included in the delivery of the laptop. By pressing one button, the LED toshiba r500 can be completely deactivated and, thus, enables toshiba r500 screen to use the sunlight, in outdoor use, f500 display the material on screen at a passable quality.